It’s time for Africa: Get ready for #NECLive5


In 2016, Nollywood movies surpassed Hollywood and Bollywood in cinema earnings and share of customer engagement, in Nigeria.

Nigerian music finally went global, riding on the back of our peculiar pop music, and nomadic musicians like Wizkid.

The world’s attention has understandably shifted here, with funders, labels, producers, and awards looking to now play big in the region.

Nigeria is at the fore of this new wave, but places like Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana and co are as well positioned. Has the time come for Africa to provide entertainment for the huge chunk of the world’s 7 billion people?

They say we tell a different kind of story, they say we have a rare, peculiar sound. And they’re buying it- from America to London and Singapore. Back home, the booming youth population is also more interested in local content like never before. From Iroko to Mavin and Africa Magic, the numbers show audiences on the continent are increasingly embracing our creativity; millions are choosing their own local entertainment over the imported.

But the industries are still nothing to write home about. The structures to rip the dividend of the boom continue to lie comatose. From government policies to business models, it appears we have plenty work to do, if we are to benefit from what’s coming in significant ways.
It could indeed be time for Africa. But what does this mean for the industry players? What do we need to know? To do? How can we make sure we do not miss this opportunity?

  • Please, notify me as soon as the registration for NEC 2017 starts. Thanks. I am a filmmaker.

  • Yes,indeed,it’s time for Africa. We should not allow the overkilled excuse of lack of (or moribund) structure to deter us. As Africans we have a peculiar and out-of-book method of finding solutions. We may have to continue throwing mud at the wall and see which sticks. Up Nigerian Entertainment Conference as the fifth edition is at hand. #NECLive5

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